Ocean, Marine & Reef Conservation The Wetsuit Pirate Way

School of Fish and Coral ReefWhen you are Living the Diver’s Lifestyle, you understand the need for protecting our reefs, waterways, oceans, beaches and environment.

At Wetsuit Pirates, we like to believe that most people respect the natural beauty of the places where we dive.  However, we also understand that litter and pollution are a problem.

As responsible diver’s who want to pass the passion for natural wonders on to our children, their children, and our children’s children, we simply cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this issue.

It is what it is. It is what we make it.

From the very beginning of Wetsuit Pirates, we have built conservation and a respect for our oceans and waterways into our culture.  Responsible diving is in our blood.  Responsible diving is what Wetsuit Pirates do with every dive and every trip.

That’s why we donate 10% of all our profits to non-profits that directly fight for our coral reefs, waterways, oceans and beaches.

These non-profits include organizations like:

The non-profits we help to support are carefully screened before we make a donation.  Its something we build into Living the Diver’s Lifestyle.

Just as we work to be responsible divers, we also work to be responsible donors to diving-related causes.  This means that we carefully research each non-profit before we make a donation.  When we are considering a donation to any organization, here are a few of the things we look for:

  • The organization’s cause is directly related to protecting the places we dive
  • The organization is financially responsible
  • The great majority of the donation will be used to directly fund the organization’s conservation efforts
  • The executives of the non-profit have solid cause-based work experience

As a fellow Wetsuit Pirate, we encourage you to practice responsible diving and to educate others on doing the same.

The natural world is truly a beautiful place.  Let’s keep it beautiful by being responsible stewards of creation.