Scuba Dive Trip Planning: 16 Travel Tips

At Wetsuit Pirates we love planning our next trip!  It’s a chance to get away, have an adventure and experience a world so different from our own!

Wetsuit Pirates’ Tips For Your Next Scuba Trip

Experiencing the diver’s lifestyle to the fullest takes strategic planning.  Although traditional pirates are not know for their planning skills, Wetsuit Pirates knows that diving responsibly takes some planning ahead. Here are a few tips for planning your next scuba trip:

  • Always, always, always check the weather before you leave.  Remember diving is an outdoor activity and is dependent upon decent weather.
  • Remember to pack your diver’s certification card and log book.  This isn’t something you want to leave behind as many places check this like a TSA officer checks your ID and plane ticket.
  • Take a refresher course from your local dive shop if its been awhile since your last trip.
  • Not all dive shops are created equal.  Its best to read some online reviews and make sure the offer quality trips.
  • Make sure your dive operator is affiliated with a well-known professional diving agency like PADI, NAUI or SSI.
  • Wait to dive at least 24 hours after flying or traveling to high elevations.  You should also wait 24 hours after your last dive before you board the flight home.
  • Don’t consume any alcohol within 24 hours of a dive.
  • If you are brining your own gear, make sure your gear has been recently serviced and is safe to use.
  • Make sure you have diving insurance, especially when traveling internationally.  We recommend obtaining diver’s insurance through Divers Alert Network (DAN).
  • Pack your travel sickness and motion sickness meds just in case.  Once you arrive, you’ll want to be in the water, not feeling awful and laid-up in a hotel.

Divers' Boat Trip

Wetsuit Pirates’ Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Scuba Adventure

Wetsuit Pirates has plenty of experience living the diver’s lifestyle.  This means that we do a few things to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity to be swimming with the fish. Here are a few tips from our diving pros to help you get the most out of every trip:

  • Travel to new destinations. Scuba opens up a whole underwater world to explore. It is also is a gateway to learning about other cultures and seeing the world.  Take advantage of this!
  • Take a new course. Have you ever thought about diving with Nitrox, trying cave diving or becoming a certified deep diver?  Try taking a more advanced course and then plan your next trip around your new certification. This is a great way to breathe new life into your scuba adventures.
  • Plan different types of dives.  The underwater world is full of adventure.  Try doing some wreck diving or night diving if you have only done daylight reef diving.  You can also try a wall dive or drift dive to mix it up.

Sea Turtle

A Few Things To Do On Every Dive

There are a few things that we at Wetsuit Pirates practice on every dive.  No matter what the style of diving, level, experience or location, this is what we do with every trip:

  • Alway dive with a buddy.  The buddy system is one of the main rules of diving.  It’s not only more exciting, but its always the best way to make sure you don’t get lost or injured.
  • Always dive safely.  Remember, humans can’t breath underwater without assistance.  We need to take special precautions when diving in general.  Make sure you follow what you learned in the your diving certification courses.
  •  Alway dive responsibly.  Other divers’ and the next generation deserve to explore the underwater world in its natural state, just like you.  Take only pictures.  Leave only bubbles.