Seiko Dive Watches – A Complete Guide To Buy A Diving Watch

Seiko Dive Watches


English: Seiko SBBN007 Professional Diver's 30...

English: Seiko SBBN007 Professional Diver’s 300 m (helium safe/for mixed-gas rated tool watch suitable for professional saturation diving) on a 4-ring NATO style aftermarket strap made of ballistic nylon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Established in 1881, Seiko is one of the largest suppliers of timepieces in the World. This Japanese watch manufacturing giant, not only supersedes its competitors in terms of sheer sale volume but also in terms of technology and innovation. In 1969, Seiko introduced the Astron, which was the world’s first quartz watch, a technology that was later adopted by every watch manufacturer in the world.

If you are amazed by the accuracy and robustness of modern day Seiko dive watches, let it be known that these modern day marvels are a result of years watch making evolution and innovation. Seiko is certainly not a new company when it comes to manufacturing dive watches.

Seiko’s journey starts way back in 1960s, when it was trying to compete with Swiss Dive Watch Manufacturers. It employed the best watchmakers in Japan in an attempt to make their first diver’s watch. Seiko introduced the 62MAS in 1965, this automatic watch could function properly at a depth of 150 meters.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, the company introduced a 300 meter waterproof dive watch called the Seiko 6215 two years after it introduced the 62MAS. By successfully doubling the depth capability of the watch, it was time for some celebration. The watchmakers at Seiko were basking in their own glory when a letter from a professional diver brought them back to reality.

In the letter, the diver complained that the Seiko watches had poor shock resistance and cannot be considered a choice for professional divers. Seiko took the feedback seriously and quickly assembled a team to design a brand new watch. Learning from their mistakes, Seiko introduced the 600m professional diver’s watch 6159-022 in 1975. The first model with titanium casing, the new watch set the manufacturing standards for modern dive watches.

Now, the company makes dive watches with different levels of capabilities for casual, semi-professional, and professional divers. Keeping in mind that not all users want more than 200 meters depth capability, the company introduced a variety of diver’s watches.

These watches are also perfect for swimmers, casual divers, casual scuba divers, snorkelers, and navy officers.

Beginner Models

The first model for beginners, it the Seiko SKX007K. This Seiko dive watch has stellar basics and is perfect for casual users. Apart from the 200m depth capability, the watch requires no battery change as it’s powered by natural movement of the arm.

It has a ribbed rubber strap and a stainless steel casing. Protected by Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal, the watch can easily withstand a beating.

Seiko 7002-7020 Diver's 200 m (tool watch suit... Seiko 7002-7020 Diver’s 200 m (tool watch suitable for scuba diving) on a 4-ring NATO style aftermarket strap made of ballistic nylon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The SKA371P1 is another watch Seiko manufactures. The watch has Hardlex crystal, a 200m depth capability and is powered by arm movement. The only significant difference is that it has stainless steel band with fold over clasp unlike the SKX007’s rubber band.

Mid Level Models

The Seiko Marine Master Prospex SBBN017 is a top contender. It comes with a stainless steel waterproof casing that makes it water resistant up to 300 meters, perfect for scuba divers. It also has highly luminous hands making it perfect for low light conditions. Nicknamed the ‘tuna can’, the watch is also anti magnetic and comes with Seiko’s standard ribbed rubber band and Hardlex crystal.

Another popular watch that falls under this category is the Marine Master SBX001. Apart from having all the basic features of the SBBN017, it has stainless steel straps and an automatic self winding mechanism.

Advanced Models

When it comes to manufacturing the ultimate diver’s watches, Seiko is one of the best companies out there. Seiko Marine Master 1000m watches may be too expensive for most people, but for deep-sea divers it’s a basic necessity. The Marine Master SBBN013 is probably the most popular watch in this category.

Apart from the amazing 1000 meter depth capability, the watch works perfectly between -10 to 60 degree Celsius. The casing has state of the art titanium and ceramic construction and has highly luminous hands.

The is painted with a special LumiBrite, which stores light from the sun and artificial lightings, allowing it to emit light in the dark. This technology makes it the best watch for extreme low light conditions.

English: Seiko SBDX001 Marinemaster Automatic ... English: Seiko SBDX001 Marinemaster Automatic Professional Diver’s 300 m (helium safe/for mixed-gas rated tool watch suitable for professional saturation diving). It is equipped with a special L-shaped gasket and one-piece case to render it proof against helium gas. This high-end Seiko diving watch has a high beat rate (28,800 BPH = 8 Hz) 8L35 automatic movement with 26 jewels that features a 50 hour power reserve, manual winding and a hack function (stopping the movement of the second hand). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seiko has a rich watch making history. Seiko undoubtedly makes some of the best diving watches. This is not just because they have the best technology, but because they successfully learned from their mistakes and developed products based on real world feedback.

Seiko offers several models, each designed to suit different budgets and levels, from beginner to professional divers. If you are looking for a product that’s truly meant for the sea, Seiko dive watches is an obvious choice.