Snorkeling Gear – How To Buy & Rent Skin Diving Equipment

Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling is turning out to be among the most popular water sport activities. The activity may simply be referred to as underwater sightseeing. By wearing special snorkeling gear, an individual is able to observe marine life. It is normally carried in shallow waters for instance in lagoons or peninsulas.

The whole idea of snorkeling underneath the still water’s surface is to give a person a closer view of underwater ecosystem such as plants, ocean surface, fish and other sea creatures without using too much energy or effort. This is unlike its related activity, scuba diving which makes use of heavy air (oxygen) tanks.

Types of Snorkeling Gear

1. The Snorkel

This is among the most important equipment for a snorkeler. It is a piece of flexible tube that allows a person breathes while the head (face, nose and mouth) is immersed in water. Usually, it comes in a length of approximately 1 foot (30 centimeters) and a diameter ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters.

The flexible tube which may be J or L shaped comes attached to a mouthpiece. A snorkel is made from plastic, silicone rubber, or rubber. To use it, a person has to place the mouth piece over the mouth and position one of the tube’s end to be slightly out of water.

Snorkeling Gear on Beach
2. The Dive Mask

A dive mask is what helps the snorkeler observe the marine life without being affected by the water. The mask comprises of a faceplate, head strap, and a skirt. The faceplate is simply a piece of lenses that offers clear vision of the underwater while warding-off any water.

The skirt attaches to the nose while the head straps secure the dive mask by going round the head. The masks come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Some will be oval, others round, while some will appear like two circles joined together. Materials used in making them include rubber, plastic, and silicone.

3. Fins

Fins are attachments worn on the feet. They Resemble the feet of a duck and are used to help a snorkeler maneuver through water. They are made from silicone, plastic, and rubber. Choosing diving fin is always a daunting task to both the novice as well the adept.

This is attributed to the many factors that come into play when choosing a fin. The gear needs to be of the right size, weight, dimension, and design. The wrong type will hinder movement in water or require more effort to use. Each type of fin will be suited for a certain application.

4. Snorkel Vest

At times, people going for snorkeling may wear a snorkel vest. This is a kind of an inflatable vest worn to control buoyancy (floating) in water. The gear will come with a device that allows a user adjust the buoyancy depending on the depth he desires. Normally, the gear will come in either bright orange or yellow.

Unfortunately, the vest may hinder free diving hence some opt not to wear it. It may take a while to get used to the vest especially controlling the amount of buoyancy. Nonetheless, it is usually quite helpful especially for beginners.

Snorkeling Gear By Used By Skin Diver

How to Go About Getting the Right Snorkeling Gear

Benefits of snorkeling include relaxation, learning marine life, a good pass time, general wellness, and more. Nonetheless, choosing the right equipment can be challenging. This is made even more difficult by the availability of different brands, cutthroat competition and lack of knowledge.

The wrong apparatus will not only offer poor viewing but may also be detrimental to health. Therefore, a person needs to think of aspects such as the correct size, quality, brand reputation, durability, user-friendliness, safety, and cost. Popular and effective brands include Tusa, Moflex, O’Neill, Oceanic, Sumo, Body Glove, Olympus, Atomic, Rip Curl, and more.

Statistics show that the popularity of snorkeling is growing as each day goes by. As a matter of fact, many resorts, beach hotels, and recreational centres offer snorkeling as part of their regular activities. They will have in stock a wide range of apparatus needed for the activity.

When planning to purchase snorkeling gear, it is necessary to carryout research, compare online quotes, and deal with trustworthy suppliers. Reading online reviews on the product and manufactures helps a great deal. In addition, going through personal testimonials helps in shedding more light on the effectiveness of a product. Doing so makes certain maximum satisfaction is achieved.