The Story of Wetsuit Pirates

About Our Founder

The Original Wetsuit PirateWetsuit Pirates was founded by Eric Welke.  He always loved the idea of being a pirate, the water and traveling the world.

He launched his first online business in college and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since.

Eric took up diving also while in college.  It was something he stumbled upon while looking for a class that would give him a much-needed GPA boost.

Having competed competitively in swimming during high school and having a love for the ocean, scuba seemed a natural fit.

After completing the initial certification, Eric also went on to get his Advanced Diving License.

Eric’s favorite dive trip was in Phuket, Thailand.

About Wetsuit Pirates

Wetsuit Pirates is for anyone who wants to Experience the Diver’s Lifestyle.  Whether you are new to diving or very advanced, do it for fun or professionally, we invite you to join the Wetsuit Pirate community.

Let’s talk, share trip reports, share photos, get to know each other and build the wonderful world of diving together!