The Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Computers

The Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Computers

Dive computers implement miniaturization and other cutting edge technological advances and they evolve even faster than their desktop cousins. The newer models come with improved performance, new options and features.

They have become easier to read and use while you dive and need access to information. Here are the top 5 best scuba diving computers on the market in terms of capabilities and user friendly interface.

Among them are wristwatch computers, wrist mount computers as well as console computers. They all are ergonomic and designed to be used by recreational divers or, in other words, to be “diver-friendly”.

Wristwatch Computers

Aeris Manta and Oceanic Geo

This light and rugged dive wristwatch computer is identical in style with the Oceanic Geo model. It is a product that is capable to supply up to 50 percent nitrox. You can choose to switch from free dive mode to air or nitrox just by pressing one button.

The settings automatically activate once you go into the water. The main screen of the wristwatch diving computer is easy to read and provides all the necessary information such as nitrogen loading bar graph, no decompression limit, depth, and bottom time, while an alternate screen provides the rest of info a diver might need.

Compared side by side with Oceanic Geo, the Aeris Manta model has slightly bolder digits on its display. Before going back to watch mode, the Manta wristwatch diving computer display surface time for 10 minutes.

The Aeris Manta dive computer use a modified Haldanean algorithm that is pretty liberal and does not restrict your bottom time. The computer features a Conservative Factor option that allows divers to use the next 3,000 foot altitude setting in order to reduce the no decompression limits.

The owner’s manual that comes with the Aeris Manta dive computer is of exceptional quality and carefully walks the user through every setting step. For your needs to use an entry level dive computer as a backup gauge, the compact instrument provided by the Aeris Manta model makes a very good option.

You can find the product available for purchase on Amazon on the link:

Aeris Epic and Oceanic Atom 2.0

Aeris Epic and Oceanic Atom 2.0 are two models pretty similar in functions and performance. With Aeris Epic and Oceanic Atom 2.0 you can change from casual recreational dives to multi-gas tech dives, as the device can work well with any option.

The air integrated dive computer is wireless and is able to track three different nitrox mixes, using three different transmitters, for up to 100 percent oxygen. The device includes a Buddy Pressure Check function and features a new mineral-glass lens.

Aeris Epic can be purchased on Amazon:

Cressi-sub EDY

This wristwatch is a single gas computer that allows divers to handle nitrox levels up to 50 percents. The computer helps diver to monitor their ascent rate by using color coded bar graphs for oxygen and nitrogen loading.

The display digits and the screen graphics of Cressi-sub EDY dive computer are among the most easy to read by users because they are larger than on other regular sized computers. Divers can also easily access alternate data screens. The battery of Cressi-sub EDY diving computer has an average lifespan of two years.

The EDY dive computer uses the Buhlmann ZH-L12 algorithm, which is among the most conservative, taking into account three Safety Factor settings. The item is available on Amazon:

Mares Nemo Sport

This new dive computer from Mares comes with a rugged design and it is built in a thermoplastic housing. The full function dive computer allows divers to set the nitrox or air mixes levels up to 99 percent. The device comes with a very easy to read display and features a backlight for low light environments.

The dive computer from Nemo Sport features the Mares RGBM Sport Algorithm that comes with Deep Stop capability. Divers can make the algorithm more conservative by adding the User Safety Factor.

Divers can find this item on Amazon, on the following link:

Full-sized Wrist Computers

Aeris Elite T3 and Oceanic VT3

For those divers who need a full sized gauge and easy readability, Aeris Elite T3 can make a good choice. The model is somehow similar in features and design with the Oceanic VT3 model. It is an air integrated computer that works wireless and can track gas mixes up to 100 percent oxygen and is using three transmitters.

The diving computer feature the Buddy Pressure Check function that gives you the possibility to supervise the tank pressures of two other buddies. The digits are bigger on the Aeris Elite T3 display comparing to wristwatch style diving computers. Every information needed is displayed on the main screen and there are no alternative screens.

The Aeris Elite T3 can be found on Amazon:

Mares Nemo Wide

Nemo Wide is the easiest wrist dive computer to read, due to its large screen. Another advantage of this model is that the Mattel-sized buttons can be pressed with thick gloves on. The diving computer works up to 50 percent mixes of air or nitrox and provides a gauge mode capability.

Its screen can be easy read for pertinent data such as bottom time, temperature, NDLs, or depth. These information are displayed in big and bold characters on the main screen. The diving computer from Nemo uses a conservative Mares RGBM algorithm. You can find this item on Amazon, on the link:

Console Computers

Sherwood Scuba Wisdom 2

Sherwood Scuba Wisdom 2 is a console scuba dive air integrated computer that comes with a large screen, simple navigation menus and easy to read digits. Divers can read all the important information on the main screen. The air pressure is displayed with the biggest digits for easy read.

The single gas computer provides gauge mode and nitrox capability up to 50 percent oxygen. The bar graphs are easy to read and the present information about the ascent rate, oxygen loading and nitrogen tissue loading. The design of the integrated console ensure that divers will never have any linking issues with the transmitters.

The device can also accept am off the wrist instrument panel fitting a compact compass. Wisdom 2 offers a various options for user-controlled alarm settings for low air situations, no deco limits, approaching oxygen thresholds or exceeding ascent rates.

You can purchase the item on Amazon:

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